New Sleigh takes a rest at Storage King


The 2016 Sleigh Rounds raised a huge total of £7845.40 which is a record year for the Lights Association. This sum, added to other fundraising for the year, has ensured that all of 2016’s lighting costs have been met and the Association will end up in profit at the end of the year and will be able to start to thinking about improvements for future years.

It is easy to think about the collectors, drivers and Santa himself that work on the actual collections but we mustn’t forget those that help us all year round.

Sittingbourne’s STORAGE KING are one of the Lights Association’s biggest supporters providing secure storage for the Sleigh through the year. Secure parking of this type saves the SCLA £100s each year and is provided thanks to the goodwill of Mick and Sharon at Storage King who want to do something to help the town.


Here’s the new Sleigh, safely covered up, in Storage King’s yard in Sittingbourne.







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